For automatic update from your device

Unit Setup

On your unit setup the system Upgrade Network Server address with:
Then PRESS Connect

Download latest FW of OneAdvisor-800
Server Location File Name File Size Notes

OneAdvisor-800-release-bundle-3.2.1-r0_a1.exe410.362 MB Release Notes
"Mainframe           " =           3.2.01-r0 04/05/2021
"CAA                 " =           6.061.001r-1	21/06/2021
"Fiber Optics        " =           21.12+svn68387-r0	15/06/2021
"Radio Analysis      " =           1.8000.0003r-c7fba7d	08/07/2021
File Title File Size What's New Release Notes
ONA-800 Safety Instructions317.7 K
ONA-800 Quick Start552.7 K
ONA-800 Getting Started Guide1180.7 K
ONA-800 Remote Control Getting Started Guide818.1 K
ONA-800 User Manual19213.6 K
ONA-800 Remote Control Programming Manual2489.2 K
ONA-800 Recovery Guide407.8 K
Download latest update of InterferenceAdvisor
Server Location File Name File Size Notes

EagleEye_1.5.4.apk38.456 MB Release Notes
InterferenceAdvisor Quick Start Guide
Server Location File Name File Size Notes

Quick_Start_Guide_for_EagleEye_App_R4.0.pdf85.738 KB